Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 2nd November 2011

04-11-1  Present  Cllrs R S Robson (Chairman), M W Gibson, P J Johnston, G Myers, E L Dixon and ID Knights.

Also Present: Clerk: R Macfarlane

04-11-2 Apologies  MD Newson, County Councillor E Heslop and PC D Kidd

04-11-3 Declaration of Interest: Cllr E L Dixon matters relating to Newbrough CofE First School, and P J Johnston issues on Newbrough Town Hall

04-11-4  Minutes  The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough PC which was held on 7th September were approved by the Council then signed by the Chairman.

04-11-5  Matters Arising   None

04-11-6  Council Vacancy

After an interview with full Council the candidate, Mr Myers was asked to retire from the meeting room. (Government Act 1972 Schedule 12A (As amended by the Local Government (Access to Information)(Variation) Order 2006).  In camera the Council unanimously agreed to co-op Mr Myers.

The applicant was invited back into the meeting where it was RESOLVED to co-opt Mr George Myers as a parish councillor for Newbrough Parish Council.  Mr Myers signed the appropriate declaration under Section 83(3) of the Local Government Act 1972, made before the Proper Officer of the Council and signed by the Clerk.  The Chairman welcomed Councillor Myers to the Council.

04-11-7 Public First Focus

The Chairman thought it proper that the Council should show their appreciation in the form of a gift to Harold Forster as an appreciation of his services to the community.  There is a notice stating that the local shop is for sale or to let.  This was of some concern to members of the public and to the Council.  The Council would urge all residents to use the shop as fully as possible. It was noted that a Mobile Van Trader wished to trade in the Newbrough and Fourstones area and had applied to the County Council the Licensing Officer for permission.  The Council has received several complaints about refuse bins not being emptied – Clerk to contact relevant service manager.

04-11-8  Communications

(a) CAN Annual Report – Copies have been sent to all councillors

(b) NALC Annual Report– Copies have been sent to all councillors

(c) Northumberland News- Sent electronically

(d) Guy Opperman MP re Boundary Changes –Clerk to send response to Boundary Commission in agreement with the MP’s recommendations.

(e)  Street Traders Licence  – Neil Gilholm   The Council have noted Mr Gilholm’s application for Street Traders Licence to NCC. However Newbrough were concerned about “cold-calling” in the dark and would not like that to happen.  Clerk to pass this response on to George Hughes, Licensing Officer NCC.

The following correspondence has been circulated to all councillors:

Joint Meeting of NCC/PCs October 11th, Future Framework for Developing Local Service Partnerships (Final Version), MTCT –Dissolution, NCC Northumberland News, Mobile Library service, NCC Planning/Trees policy, NALC AGM 22nd October, Sick Children’s Trust (letter of thanks), WRBL Poppy Appeal, CPRE – Neighbourhoods in Planning,  CAN AGM 3rd November, Tynedale Hospice – Light up a Life, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons.

04-11-9  Remembrance Sunday

It was RESOLVED that Cllr Robson would lay a wreath on behalf of Newbrough Parish Council at the Remembrance Service on 13th November.

04-11-10   Parish Plan

Cllrs Newson circulated an updated Action Plan for the Council to discuss.  It was decided that the Chairman would liaise with a small group of councillors in preparation for a further meeting in spring with Warden PC.

04-11-11   Roads    No issues.

04-11-12   Footpaths     No issues.

04-11-13  Planning

Planning application 11/002496/FUL  Installation of 16 240w PV panels on south elevation. Denshiel Newbrough NE47 5AP  The Council has no objections.

The Clerk has received several complaints about trees being felled in the conservation area.  After making enquiries the Clerk has learned that the County Council will not normally consult with parish councils, with conservation areas, when trees are to be removed.  Northumberland’s policy mentions that consultation with parish councils would be “good practice.”  Clerk was asked to contact NCC to see if they might adopt this good practice.

04-11-14   Reports

Town Hall: Present usage is a little down despite some very well-attended functions however the music nights have been very successful.

Reports continued

MTCT: At a Special General Meeting on 1st December the association will be dissolved.

Sportsfield Association: The AGM has just been held and there is a much more positive atmosphere.  There are plans to run a women’s team and a match is planned, Fourstones v Newbrough, as part of Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Angling Club: There is some hope that the long-lasting dispute may soon be resolved.

Newbrough CofE First School:  At the recent governor’s meeting it was mentioned that the kitchens have now been completed and there are some plans being made about the facilities across the road.

04-11-15   The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The Clerk was asked to invite representatives of community groups to preliminary meeting on 28th November in the Town Hall.

04-11-16   Finances

Bank Accounts 1st November 2011 BMM £13338.68  Community £4771.60

Budget  Detailed estimates of all receipts and payments including the use of reserves and all sources of funding for the year were prepared by the Clerk in the form of a budget.  This was discussed, accepted and adopted by the Council.


It was RESOLVED to keep the annual precept the same as last year at £8,500.

Payments Approved  Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Expenses £59.59, Meeting Room Rental £30 (Nov), OneandOne website £10.79 (£8.99 plus vat £1.80)

Grant Aid    Poppy Appeal £50, NTHMC £500, PCC £800, CAB £50, Sports Council £80 and (s137) GNAA £180 & (s137) Tynedale Hospice £50.  Total £2238.08

S Davies Grass Cutting 4th cut £90 agreed but not paid.

04-11-17 Clerk’s Salary Review

For this financial year, with reference to the NJC (with NALC & SLCC) salary scales it was RESOLVED to pay the Clerk on SCP spinal column point 18.  The Chairman informed the Clerk that in future the salary review would be linked with an annual appraisal.

04-11-18  Document Review  (Financial Regulations & Risk Assessment)

There were no suggested for additions or alterations to any of the Council’s documents.

Cllr Newson will lead a sub-group to further review any necessary policies.

04-11-19  Date and Time of Next Meeting  – 7pm on 4th  January 2012