Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 3rd November 2010

04-11-1  Present: Cllrs H Forster (Chair), R S Robson, MW Gibson, E L Dixon and P J Johnston

Also Present: Clerk: R Macfarlane and NCC Cllr E Heslop.

04-11-2  Apologies:  Cllr M Newson, Ian Knights and PC Kidd

04-11-3  Declaration of Interest: Cllr Heslop (Planning & Tynedale Sports Council)

04-11-4  Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 1st September 2010 were approved and signed. (With an amendment to minute 03-09-13)

04-11-5  Matters Arising:

Newbrough CofE First School  – It was RESOLVED that Cllr Dixon would represent the Council and liaise with the school in the role of school governor.

Remembrance Sunday – It was RESOLVED that Cllr Robson would lay a wreath on behalf of Newbrough Parish Council at the Remembrance Service on 14th November.


04-11-6  Public First Focus:

No issues

04-11-7  Communications:

NALC AGM, CAN AGM, CAN newsletter &  Northumberland Charter (Review), Rock Report, Action for Children, Stanegate-John Hodgson memoirs, NHS Northumberland Care Trust – Pharmaceutical Needs. NNPA Looking South, Arriva Bus Update, Elections PC costs, H Brooks re footpaths. Letter from Ian Knights re Council Vacancy, CPRE Overview, NCC & PC Meeting 12th October, Arriva bus update. NCC What goes where wheel.

  1. a) Speed Awareness Devices – A complaint from a member of the public pointed out that these 30 mph warning signs need re-calibrating.
  2. b) Election Costs – The Clerk is at present involved in detailed correspondence with Paddy Gascoigne, Head of Democratic Services and Steven Mason, Corporate Director of Finance. The Clerk has indicated that in the NCC Charter, a provision was made that the County would not recover the costs from parish councils for their main (every 4 years) elections.  If it is true that no budgetary provision was made to meet these costs by NCC, there will be possible implications for parish councils.

04-11-9  Vacancy

In the absence of the applicant it was agreed to leave this over to the next meeting in January.

04-11-10  Agenda Items 7 & 8

Ecology of the Newbrough Burn and NFAP – part of the NLRF Multi Agency Flood Plan

It was RESOLVED to add these two items to the next meeting of the Council.  It was agreed that the NLRF Flood Plan matters may be best suited to a joint meeting that could be held in early spring.

04-11-11  Roads

Some concern over hedgerows encroaching the highway, blocking footpaths and obscuring road signs.  Clerk to contact NCC Highways.

04-11-12  Footpaths

HM Inspectorate – Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 s53 Modification Order (No 5) 2007  – Decision squashed.

It was suggested that a group of councillors met at the War Memorial in Spring and appraise that site and also look at any footpath and highway issues.  Members of the public would also be invited.


04-11-13  Planning

20100565 (0521) Planning Consent + Listed Building Consent for construction of enclosure to house existing oil tank. Stable Cottage Newbrough NE47 5AR

Granted conditionally 20th October 2010

04-11-14  Reports

Town Hall: The THMC are not asking for any grant aid this year because of the profits from the bar sales.  The Committee have decided to form a separate company in order to avoid paying tax on profits.

Village Society:  No report.

Sportsfield Association: At an AGM Cllr Shaw (Warden PC) and EL Dixon (Newbrough PC) were appointed to the new committee.  The new organisation will focus on playing cricket however they will need to activate some serious fundraising.

Angling Club: The legal issue of ownership of the disputed stretch is still ongoing though some progress has been made.  During October and November there has been a good run of fish including salmon.

Newbrough CofE First School:  Cllr Dixon is an associate member of the Governors.  Paul Myers, Chairman is coming to the end of his term in office.  The new kitchen and dinning facilities should be complete at the end of the year.  The former dinning hall will be used for after school activities and clubs.

MTCT: The Trust, the Community Forum for the Mid Tyne group of councils, has been enthusiastically Chaired by Phillip Wanless.  There are still funds for which community groups can apply.

Northumberland County Council: In addition to saving £10m, from the budget, NCC is looking towards further cuts of between £47 and £50m next year.  The question remains, “Is the £280,000 cost of the NCC  Newsletter sent to every household well spent?”

04-11-15    Review of Financial Regulations

This item was held over until the next meeting in January.

04-11-16    Finances


Detailed estimates of all receipts and payments including the use of reserves and all sources of funding for the year were prepared by the Clerk in the form of a budget.  This was accepted and adopted by the Council.


It was RESOLVED to keep the annual precept the same as last year at £8,500.

Bank Accounts   1st November  BMM £15880.67   Community £248.95

Payments Approved

Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Clerk’s Expenses £40.34 (£37.66 plus vat £2.68), Meeting Room Rental £30 (November), (S Davies Grass Cutting 4th cut), One and One Web Domain £8.99

Grant Awards  Royal British Legion £50, PCC £800, GNAA £150, CAB £50, Tynedale Hospice £50, CAN £15, Victim Support £50, Tynedale Sports Council £70 and MTCT £100

Next meeting 7.00 pm Wednesday 5th January 2011

The meeting closed at 9.05