Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 4th November 2015

04-11-01 Present Cllrs MW Gibson (Chair), IS Hunter, J Annan, A Smith and HA Walton.

Also Present: Clerk, R Macfarlane and Cllr RM Gibson and four members of the public.

04-11-02  Apologies

KE Bell

The Chairman on behalf of the Council extended congratulations to Karen and Craig on the birth of their daughter Evie Grace and wished them all the best for the future.

04-11-03  Declaration of Interest

Cllr RM Gibson all planning issues, Cllr MW Gibson Affordable Housing.

04-11-04  Minutes 

The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough PC which was held on 2nd September were approved by the Council then signed by the Chairman.

04-11-05  Matters Arising

Local Plan – Small Settlements and the Green Belt   The Council RESOLVED to use the Local Plan decisions to inform the NCC Core Strategy.

Public Access Defibrillator.

Cllr Hunter informed the Council that the application for grant aid via Community Chest had not been successful.  The project would be pursued via The Stephen Carey Fund.

Pavingstone Work  The contract (Phase II) for work around the Whitebeam trees has been awarded to DJ Forster Building Services and work is expected to start soon.

Stanegate Chronicles

Cllr Hunter will liaise with NCC Archivists at Woodhorn to investigate possible grant aid to digitise the Chronicles.

Play Area at Sidgate  (Isos and Playdale Playground) The Council has offered to replace the football goal posts and along with the Stanegate festival, fund two tables and seats.

Council Website

TWDA Website designers have started to develop the new website.  Clerk to apply for grant aid from Transparency Fund via NALC

04-11-06  Public First Focus

Presentation – Vince Walsh (Isos Housing Association) described a Greenbelt Development proposal for 12 affordable and 4 private homes to be built between Butt Bank and Red Houses which would utilise endowment monies left by Jack Charlton.

04-11-07  Council Vacancy

The Council co-opted Malcolm Newson. The Council now has a full complement of seven councillors.

04-11-08  Communications

The Council has received the following correspondence: CANNY News October 2015 and AGM, NALC News Issue Number 45 and Training Dates, Proposed  changes to Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service, Alex Bennett, Chief Fire Officer, Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service, – Tynedale Cricket Club, Hexham,  Northumberland Core Strategy, North East Combined Authority (NECA) Devolution Agreement, Northumberland Stakeholder Event 10 November 2015 at Woodhorn, Protection for Elderly and Vulnerable People – 4th November County Hall, Morpeth, Rural Parishes Meetings 11th November  with Locality Development Team, Acomb Area Application, CPRE newsletter, NCC Area Committee West, Licensing Policy Consultation, Rural Parishes Meeting with Locality Development Team, Second Annual Town & Parish Council Conference 24th September and Hexham Neighbourhood Plan Forum.

04-11-09  Remembrance Sunday

It was agreed that Cllr Hunter would lay the wreath on behalf of Newbrough Parish Council at the War Memorial service on Sunday 8th November.

04-11-10  Roads 

Cobblestones – The Clerk was asked to contact NCC Highways regarding the loose cobbles surrounding the Red Lion Inn.

Street Lights – NCC will deliver the £25M Street Lighting Modernisation Project over a period of 3 years, starting in March 2015. The West of the County which includes Newbrough is in year 3 of the project, and this will take place sometime in 2017.  As part of the procurement process, NCC has negotiated a discounted rate for new column installations of £900, where an underground supply is readily available.   NCC Highways Inspector has identified a “dark” spot to the east of Sidgate and has explored the possibility of an additional street light.  Councillors and members of the public are asked to identify any other “dark” areas that would benefit from extra lighting.

School Run

Concern was expressed about the narrow footpaths and speeding traffic experienced by parents taking their children to and from school.

04-11-11  Footpaths   

The Clerk was asked to write to write to the Rights of Way Officer regarding the damaged finger post at Carr Edge and the position of the litter bin in Crow Wood.  There have been some complaints about dog muck on the footpaths through Crow Woods.


04-11-12  Planning      

Town & Country Planning Act 1990Town & Country Planning (Develop Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010

15/02964/FUL and 15/02963/LBC  Change of use from class B1 to “Business” Sui Generis overnight tourist accommodation along with internal alterations and construction of external store.  Women’s Institute House Newbrough NE47 5AR

This application was granted 29th October 2015

04-11-13   Reports

Northumberland County Council

Cllr Gibson gave a brief report from County Hall and details of the move to Ashington.

Sportsfield Association 

Cllr Walton informed the Council of the current situation at the Cricket Club and the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the grounds.

Newbrough Town Hall 

No report

04-11-14  Finances

Payments Approved Council Expenses £84.43 (vat £8.78), OneandOne £45.82 (£7.62 vat), Grass Cutting S Davies 4th cut Inv £96,   SLCC £50,


NTHMC £600, PCC £800Sports Association £500, CAN £50, Sport Tynedale £80, Newbrough Primary School £525 and The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal £70

LGA 1972 Section 137

GNAA £200, Tynedale Hospice at Home £100, Sick Children’s Trust £100

04-11-15  War Memorial

There are funds set aside for the development of the War Memorial area and the Council is inviting ideas from the community.

04-11-16 Budget

At the start of this financial year the Council had reserves of £17,800.   It is expected that the budget will be overspent by about £1000 so at the end of this year the Council will have approximately £16,300 in reserves. The main extra spending – the Whitebeam stonework £1018 and £185 more was given in grants.  However savings were made with Expenses and Open Spaces and Recreation.  All other categories are close to budget or less. Next year there will be some extra anticipated street furniture maintenance, archiving and new street lighting.

04-11-17  Precept

It was RESOLVED to keep the Precept the same as last year at £8,500.

04-11-18  Date and Time of Next Meeting  – 7.00 pm, Wednesday 6th January 2016

The Meeting was closed at 9.15 pm.