Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 5th September 2012

03-09-1  Present  Cllrs R S Robson (In the Chair), M D Newson, G L Myers, I D Knights, and M W Gibson

Also Present: Clerk: R Macfarlane, Hexham Courant reporter Joseph Tulip and one member of the public.

03-09-2   Apologies    EL Dixon, PJ Johnston & Cllr E Heslop and PC Douggie Kidd.

03-09-3  Declaration of Interest

Cllr M D Newson in all matters relating to Newbrough CofE First School.

03-09-4  Minutes  The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough PC which was held on 4th July 2012  were approved by the Council and signed by the Chairman.

03-09-5  Matters Arising

Code of Conduct   It was published in the Stanegate that the Council had adopted the Northumberland ALC code of conduct for local councils.

Grant Aid request from Newbrough First School.  The Council were favourably disposed to supporting the application and the Clerk confirmed that the Council had the legal powers to do this. The grant would support recreational activity for the benefit of some of the residents of the parish. It would therefore be lawful under section 19 of the Local Government (Misc Provisions) Act 1976.

Dog Fouling   A  litter bin has now been installed at the beginning of the footpath to Crow Wood.  NCC has forwarded a bill for £192 and they will empty the bin, once a fortnight, free of charge.

03-09-6  Public First Focus

Children’s Play Facilities

A lengthy discussion took place centred around the lack of adequate play facilities at Sidgate.  It was agreed that Cllr Ian Knights would liaise with some residents and offer advice on setting up a “Resident’s Committee”.  The Clerk will contact Isos and invite a representative to come and come and talk to the Council.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and the Stanegate Festival

The Chairman gave a report on the public meeting held on 3rd September.  Steve Heminsley and Iain Bennett provided the meeting with a comprehensive feed-back on the Stanegate Festival.  General consensus was that there should be an annual event.  The “old Stanegate Festival committee” had met and provided a valuable appraisal.  It was agreed that £1,000 would be kept aside for next year’s event as deposits for commitments etc.  That left about £2,000 to give to local projects, clubs/associations and ventures.  Members of the public who were present suggested several worthy causes amounting to approximately £1,000.

03-09-7  Communications

The Council has received the following correspondence:

Letter of thanks from Sick Children’s Trust and from CAN.


Appointment of External Auditors to 2017/18,  New Code of Conduct Standards Regime – update,,  LTP –Local Transport Programme 2013/14, Stanegate Festival issues, Review of Financial Support for Bus Services, Private and Public Street Furniture, SLCC Membership, NALC Membership, Isos and  Sidgate Issues,

Ø  Grass Cutting  There seems to be little progress with the grass cutting (at Sidgate and elsewhere) and the dog fouling issues still remain.

Ø  Flooding  Cllr Newson volunteered to identify any problems in Newbrough and has made contact with the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management team at Northumberland County Council.

Ø  Appointment of External Auditors It was noted that BDO LLP will audit the Council until 2017/18 and because the annual precept is below £10,000 the audit fee will be free.

Ø  Joint NCC/PC Meeting 9th October  Cllr Myers will attend this meeting.

Ø  Society of Local Council Clerks  The Council thought it very appropriate that the Clerk belongs to SLCC and agreed to contribute towards the annual fee (This is encouraged by the Local Government Act)

03-09-8  Roads   

Local Transport Plan (LTP) Integrated Transport Programme 2013/14.

There were no further additions suggested.

03-09-9  Footpaths    

Cllr Heslop met with Cllr Shaw (Warden PC) and a Neighbourhood Services Officer to inspect the footpaths in the area.  Land owners and farmers have agreed to tend to the offending excess growth obstructing the footpaths.

03-09-10  Planning

Planning Inspectorate  NCC Notice of Planning Inspectorate, Definitive Map Modification Pored (No 15) Restricted Byways Nos 1 & 29 & 36 & 11 Parishes of Newbrough and Simonburn.  The meeting planned for 29th August 2012 will now not take place and it will be resolved by written correspondence.

Planning Applications to NCC  12/00894/COU  Change of use to residential to create one dwelling with internal and external alterations Meggies House Newbrough NE47 5EA  NPC supports the application.

03-09-11  Reports

Town Hall:  No report

Newbrough and Warden Sportsfield Association: A new football team is considering being based at Newbrough.  They need some goal posts and white line equipment and are asking for a grant from the Council.  It was RESOLVED to award £200 towards the cost of the goal posts if their application for a grant from the county councillors allowance scheme fell through.  The Council would award the grant to the Sportsfield Association rather than to a separate club.

Newbrough and Warden Angling Club: No report

Newbrough CofE First School:  At present the school is undergoing an Energy Audit aiming to reduce heating costs.  The mobile classroom is for sale on Ebay.  There is an initiative to promote pre- and post- school clubs and activities.

Northumberland County Council  Cllr Heslop will keep the Council up-to-date with NCC issues especially if a meeting (Humshaugh ward group) could be arranged to inform on the LDF.

NALC/CAN Cllr Knights gave a final report on the latest activities and informed the Council that he has now resigned from the County Committee.

03-09-13   Grievance Procedure

The Chairman will circulate the details of the Stage I meeting he had with the Clerk on 20th July.

03-09-14   Finances

Bank Accounts 1st Sept 2012   BMM £418.99     Community £16682.66

Income    Precept BACS523  £4250 x2,  6510vat £169.68

Payments Approved Clerk’s Part Salary £463.78, Clerk’s Expenses £46.98 ,  Meeting Room Rental £30 (Sept), NCC Supply and fit Litter Bin £192 (£160 plus £32 vat), Newbrough First School (Swimming costs) £200, Clerk’s Subscription to SLCC £50, S Davies Grass Cutting  £91(Inv 12), S Davies Grass Cutting  £66 (Inv 13)

Payment agreed but not paid: War Memorial Planters £136.87 (vat receipts have been requested)

03-09-15  Date and Time of Next Meeting  – 7th November 2012 at 7.00 pm

The Meeting was closed at 8.30 pm.