Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 8th January 2014

Present          Cllrs MD Newson (Chairman), J Annan and D Walker.                                                                                                Also Present:  Clerk: R Macfarlane and Cllr RM Gibson

Apologies  Cllr MW Gibson

Declaration of Interest  Cllr MD Newson –  Newbrough CofE First School and Planning Application 13/03295/ADE   Cllr RM Gibson – all planning matters.


The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough PC which was held on 6th November 2013 were approved by the Council then signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising

Pavingstone Work

A second estimate for work around the Whitebeam trees has been received.  The Clerk has been trying to establish ownership of the land near to and across the road from the Red Lion.  County Cllr Gibson will pursue this at County Hall.

The Sill Project

The Chairman sent a letter of thanks to Northumberland National Park Authority for their presentation on The Sill Project.

Community Right to Bid for Assets of Community Value    

The Council has received more information about this initiative  –  Community Right to Bid under the Localism Act and has asked residents to identify properties they wish to retain in the future.

Public First Focus

No members of the public were present.


The following correspondence was related to all councillors:

Area Committee Meeting 12th November,  WRVS Geta-bout, NHS Calendar, Youth Work in Northumberland, CAN News, Nalc re Royal Garden Party, DJ Forster Building Services, Linda Taylor  –  Tyndale Womens Training Group, Hadrian Wall Trust, Newbrough CofE First School  and Cllr George Shaw  -East Fourstones Notice Board.

  • Felling of Trees  The Clerk reported that more safety work had been carried out on the tree above the parish council seat at St Peters and the stump will be attended to when the appropriate equipment is available.
  • Letter from P Johnston  The Chairman will reply on behalf of the Council.
  • Letter from C Newson  The Headteacher of Newbrough CofE First School thanked the Council for the generous donation of £500 to replace the bark chippings around the base of the boulder.  However the school has recently had a donation of bark chippings.  The Council RESOLVED that the school could now use the donation to fix the wire netting at the base of the Multi-Use-Games-Area.
  • East Fourstones Notice Board  Warden Parish Council is proposing to site a notice board for public events at East Fourstones.  It was RESOLVED that the Council would contribute to half of the costs.


Road Signs – Several signs are in a state of disrepair and many need cleaning. The Chairman has some volunteers in mind and feels sure that several issues can be solved by local action.

Leaves – Leaves are cluttering the road side verges and making the roads narrower, especially Thornton Tower Road.  Clerk to contact NEAT Services.


NCC Applications  – 13/03295/ADE   Advertisement Consent for an educational fish migration and information board, on Newbrough Burn  near Allerwash Mill weir.  The Council fully supports this initiative; the application was granted by on 7th January.

Northumberland Local Plan – Core Strategy

As part of the consultation process the Chairman was informed by NCC that they didn’t have a copy of the Parish Plan.  The Chairman will send them a copy. 


Northumberland County Council  

Cllr Gibson provided a brief update on progress with the iNorthumberland Broadband programme and informed the Council of several changes of senior staff at County Hall.


Bank Accounts  1st January  2014 BMM £17699.56 and Community Account £1999.38

Payments Approved S/O Part Salary £480.45, Meeting Room Rental £30, Expenses £47.45, S Davies £156 (Inv 29 + 3rd cut Grass cutting), OneandOne £31.43 (vat £5.24)

Date and Time of Next Meeting  – 7.00 pm, 5th March 2014

The Meeting was closed at 9.25pm.