Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 9th July 2014

Present           Cllrs MW Gibson (Chairman), J Annan and D Walker.

Also Present:   Clerk, R Macfarlane and Cllr RM Gibson

Apologies  None

Declaration of Interest  Cllr RM Gibson – all planning matters. Cllr MW Gibson with application 14/02055/SCOPE


The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough PC which was held on 7th May 2014 were approved by the Council then signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising

Pavingstone Work

The contract for work around the Whitebeam trees has been awarded to DJ Forster Building Services and will commence after the Stanegate Festival.


The Chairman read out the letter of resignation from M D Newson.

The Clerk informed the Council that NCC had been notified about Cllr Newson’s resignation and the appropriate publication of the vacancy had been carried out in accordance with of the Local Government Act 1972 Section 87(2).  NCC has received no requests to hold a by-election for so the Council can go ahead and co-opt. A number of Newbrough residents have shown an interest in the vacancy and the Clerk will forward them further information and invite them to the next Council meeting in September.


Public First Focus

No members of the public were present.


  • Felling of Trees   There are several very large, old trees adjacent to Stanegate, on private land between Forge House and Newbrough Hall Lodge. The majority of these trees have disrupted the adjacent footway considerably, meaning the footway will have to be resurfaced. In order to do this the offending tree roots would need to be removed. This would likely de-stabilise the trees in question. Therefore in order to carry out the work safely, the trees in question would have to be removed first and then the footpath repaired.  Land Factor, the agent for the owners, has submitted an application to fell the trees to the Planning Department of NCC.  Parish Councils are not usually consulted with such TPO Application.   The required timescale has almost expired which means that the tree are likely to be felled quite soon.  The work will be carried out by a private contractor on behalf of the land owners, not NCC.
  • Newbrough Town Hall Committee It was RESOLVED that Cllr Walker represents Newbrough PC views on this committee.
  • Grant Applications  Tyndale Womens’ Training Group and SAY Youth Group.  It was RESOLVED to consider these applications at the grant aid meeting in November.     The Clerk would also design a monitoring form for applicants.
  •  St Peter’s Graveyard.  The Clerk has been contacted by a resident who was disappointed that the grass in the graveyard looked uncut and untidy.  The Clerk was asked to contact PCC.
  • War Memorial It was noted that substantial funding was available for the development of the memorial site.  There were issues with conservation and access to those with disabilities.  This is to be an agenda item for a future meeting.
  • Local Services You now have the choice of how to contact Northumberland County Council; alongside the existing 0845 600 6400 telephone number you can use 01434 400388

Other communications –

Compost Bin Special Offer, NHS Healthy Northumberland, Voting Registration.


Local Transport Plan Programme 2015-2016

The Council is requested to identify top three priorities to include in the NCC draft programme.

The Clerk was asked to resubmit the following priorities:-

  • Speed Limits

A request from residents that Sidgate and Sidgate Lane should be made 20 mph zone.

  • Traffic Regulation Orders

Replace the “No Through Road” traffic sign at the Red Lion junction of C227 and U8138 road.

  • Minor Improvements

A request from the council to extend the footpath on the south side of the Stanegate C227 road, from the “T” Junction with B6319 at Butt Bank, to Newbrough CofE First School.

Sidgate Pothole

A huge pothole in the middle of the estate is very dangerous and growing by the day.  The Clerk was asked to inform NCC Highways. This was reported in March, and May (Case reference number 101002548762)  This was also reported in July and given reference number is 101002641382.


Some footpaths are overgrown with weeds and the wall down Sidgate Lane has overhanging ivy.  Clerk to ask contractor to cut the weeds and take away the rubbish.

Signage at Carr Edge pointing to Look Wide needs replacing – Clerk to contact Tim Fish.

Tree Stump at St Peters

NCC cut down this diseased tree and the Clerk was asked to contact NEAT Services to see if the stump could be removed in order that the Council could plant a new tree.


NNPA Application. Development Management Variation of 12NP0099 in respect of 12NP0114 New Lodge to provide visitor accommodation at Carrow Farm NNPA granted permission 3rd July 2014.

14/02055/SCOPE Lane House Newbrough NE47 5EA Proposed extraction of hard rock. Development area of beyond 15 ha.

This application regarding a scoping opinion is part of a process known as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for which a subsequent planning application must be accompanied by an Environmental Statement which would describe the likely significant effects of the proposed development on its environment and any proposed mitigation measures.  Where a proposal is EIA development, prior to submitting the planning application the developer can ask the planning authority for a formal opinion on the nature and extent of matters to be covered by the environmental impact assessment and in the resulting Environmental Statement.  This is known as a request for a scoping opinion.   NCC have to consult certain bodies on scoping requests, including Natural England and the Environment Agency as well as other bodies that may hold information that could inform the process or that they may consult on the subsequent planning application.    Requesting a scoping opinion is not mandatory.

No planning application has been submitted.  The stage that the proposal is at is pre-application.  If however, the developer decides to pursue the proposal then a planning application will have to be submitted and that will subject to normal consultation and publicity procedures.


Northumberland County Council  

Cllr Gibson mentioned road haulage in and out of Kielder, Northumberland College (post 16 transport), Northumberland Schools issues with SATS and League Tables and Homefinder system for affordable housing.  He informed the Council of the imminent Riverside development at Humshaugh comprising 14 domestic houses. He invited questions from councillors.

Newbrough Church of England First School

The local school is expected to be classified as a Primary School in September 2014.


Bank Accounts   1st July   2014 BMM £20205.55 and Community £582.38

Income    NCC half precept £4250, vat reimbursement £59.65

Payments  Approved  Expenses £42.77 (vat £4.67), Nalc Annual Subscription £99.16

Payments in Special Category (LGA 1972 s137)

Grant aid to £60 Sick Children’s Trust (Internal Audit budget)

Date and Time of Next Meeting  – 7.00 pm, 10th September  2014

The Meeting was closed at 9.15pm.