Area Risk Level Control (and agreed improvements)


Protection of physical assets L Parish notice board, seats and War Memorial– Council decision made not to insure them for damage or loss.


Security of buildings, equipment etc L No buildings.  Parish notice board, seats and War Memorial owned by the Parish Council.


Maintenance of buildings, equipment etc M No buildings.  Parish notice board, seats and War Memorial owned by the Parish Council.


Banking M Less than £25,000 held at any one time to date. Interest earned from deposit account no bank charges.
  Risk of consequential loss of income L No regular income apart from precept and bank interest
  Loss of cash through theft or dishonesty H Normally no cash handled.  Fidelityguarantee cover up to £15,000.  
  Financial controls and records M Financial Regulations in place. Regular bank reconciliation and budgetary control reports prepared by Clerk and any significant variance reported to Council. Cheques require three signatures, two Councillors plus Clerk.  Internal and external audit.
  Comply with Customs and Excise Regulations M VAT payments and claims calculated by Clerk. Open to inspection by members and the public.  Internal and external auditor to provide double check.
  Sound budgeting to underlie annual precept M Council receives detailed budget in November. Precept derived directly from this.  All payments agreed at meetings – any significant variance from budget discussed.  Current bank balances and assets available to Council at meetings. Recorded & minuted.
  Complying with borrowing restrictions L No new borrowing likely at present.


Risk to third party, property or individuals M Public Liability insurance in place. Existing cover of up to £5m 
  Legal liability as consequence of ownership M Assets owned – are the parish notice board, seats and War Memorial.   (Oil Painting)
  Libel and Slander M  Members and clerk – standard cover up to£250,000
  Officials Indemnity M  Cover for members and clerk for any negligent act, accidental error or omission committed – standard cover up to£250,000.

Employer Liability

Comply with Employment Law M Advice sought from National Association of Local Councils when required. Existing insurance cover up to £10m.


Comply with Inland Revenue requirements M Clerk declares income to Inland Revenue NPC registered as Employer PAYE..Internal and external auditors carry out annual checks.
  Safety of Staff and visitors M Very few visitors to Parish Council office at Clerk’s home.



Ensuring activities are within legal powers H Clerk clarifies legal position on any new proposal. Legal advice to be sought when necessary (CAN, NALC and NALCC).
  Proper and timely reporting via the Minutes M Council meets Bi-monthly and receives and approves Minutes of meetings held in interim.  Minutes made available to public and posted on Council website.
  Proper document control M Leases and legal documents (none at present) in Clerk’s home.  Key documents to be stored at bank or at solicitors. Compliance with the Data Protection Act, Equality Act and Freedom of Information Act.    


Registers of Interests and gifts and hospitality in place M Register of interest completed. Members to declare any gifts or hospitality (over £25 in value) as and when received.  Compliance with Code of Conduct and Localism Act 2011

This risk management paper was considered and adopted by the Council on 7th November 2012 and will be reviewed again annually in part or in whole.

Robert Macfarlane                                          M W Gibson

Clerk to the Council                                        Chairman of Newbrough Parish Council